“Shell, maam. Souvenir, sir.”

I love this imperfect shell. I found it somewhere in Panglao, Bohol. Sometimes, I wonder: If the shell were not imperfect, if it still had its complete parts, would I have picked it up? Probably, not. In fact, somebody would've picked it, place it in a basket filled with other "perfect" shells, and take it … Continue reading “Shell, maam. Souvenir, sir.”

THAT charming island they call “Bohol.”

  Panglao. Pamilakan. Corals. Fishes. Si manong bangkero nga nagpaulos sa iyang goggles. Yes, yes--I'm made up of new memories. Another hour. Dolphins. And dolphin-sounds my friends were making. Virgin Island. Sandbar. And na-bokya akong batiis. Blue boat. Young boaters who knew how to navigate Bohol's unyielding but friendly waters. Friends. Strangers. Tourists. Vendors. We're … Continue reading THAT charming island they call “Bohol.”