The In-Between #12

We had extra time before the computer class will start so my classmate and I loitered near the grounds and carpentry section. There were students catching grasshoppers. We walked and spied a short shrub. It was a bird’s eye chili, unripe. I’m not sure what I had in mind, but I blurted to my companion, “These aren’t spicy.” Perhaps, I thought only the red ones are spicy. My classmate must’ve thought I was lying, so she answered, “then eat them.” I took one plump green chili and bit a good chunk. It was spicy—not the same taste as the ripe ones, but spicy nonetheless. I let it kick my taste buds until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I panted, looked for water. Suddenly, I vomited my lunch, including an unripe, sour santol. The combination of sour and spicy must’ve been too much for my stomach. I vomited, with one thought: never again will I touch green chilies.

*The In-Between Series is a collection of my most mundane, neither happiest nor saddest memories.

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