The In-Between #10

First leg of my flight. Period cramps are wrecking me. Had to go back and forth the comfort room. I gave up strolling around Incheon International Airport. It was big and had lots of interesting spots but I felt too sick. My only option was to lie down in one of those waiting chairs. Back then, I didn’t know that the airport had a shower and sleeping room that you can use for free. So I stayed in the waiting area with the other passengers. They were waiting for their twelve-noon flight, mine was at four. I went in one row of empty seats. Placed my bag pack in one side, made it into my pillow and dozed off the pain of my crazy cramps. An hour or more, flight reminders were announced over the speakers, people queued. A movement in my shoulder woke me. It was the man in suit who I saw earlier was busy reading through his phone. He was standing there trying to wake me up while other passengers went aboard the plane. I realized (groggily) that he thought I was part of the noon flight. I told him my flight is scheduled later and mumbled a swift “thank you” as he hurried and followed the queue.

*The In-Between Series is a collection of my most mundane, neither happiest nor saddest memories.

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