THAT charming island they call “Bohol.”


Zee Sea Side Place Beach Resort @ Panglao, Bohol
inside the Clarin Ancestral House & Cafe Olegario @ Loay, Bohol
outside the Clarin Ancestral House 
glassware and wooden panels inside this “bahay na bato”
my favorite wall decor

Panglao. Pamilakan. Corals. Fishes. Si manong bangkero nga nagpaulos sa iyang goggles. Yes, yes–I’m made up of new memories.

Another hour. Dolphins. And dolphin-sounds my friends were making. Virgin Island. Sandbar. And na-bokya akong batiis.

Blue boat. Young boaters who knew how to navigate Bohol’s unyielding but friendly waters.

Friends. Strangers. Tourists. Vendors. We’re crossing roads that meet. But that’s not it.

We’re making new memories. Ug mga bag-ong storya nga amung ihukad sa kada higayon nga gutmon mi sa way kataposang hinabhab sa siyudad.

5:17 AM

Corella, Bohol, Philippines

paying homage to this lone mangrove tree at the Virgin Island (Panglao, Bohol)

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