Photo by Neenu Vimalkumar on Unsplash

Fireworks explode, necks crane to see yellow and red lights caress the still Corella sky. There at the blackness of 7 P.M. and the confidence of a kindred spirit, I was tempted to make promises.

I’ll remain grateful.

Forgive myself as often as I should.

I’ll keep trying.

Enjoy the little successes.

Bank on humility as each room for improvement open its door for me.

I will remain awkward not because I prefer to be stubborn.

But because it gives me a chance to ask myself: “Do I need this connection? Will it let me grow?”

I will make more promises.

This is how I honor the fireworks, my friends, and that pitch black Corella sky.

8:54 P.M. Corella, Bohol, Philippines


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