Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

If you were to fall, will you fall for someone who shares the same birthday as yours? Someone who ignores you but secretly adores you and thinks you’re perfect? Someone who writes you poems, who knows it’s you even when you pass at the periphery? Fall for someone who thinks you’re adorable when you laugh and dissolve into a giggling fit over something relatively funny? Someone who’s too scared to even meet your eyes because she knows that when that happens, she’ll fall harder? Deeper? Someone who likes to busy herself with work because she knows that if her mind’s not busy, thoughts of you, of being with you, will occupy it? Fall for someone who’s a mess because she hears about one more thing that you two shared? That it’s not just birthdays? That her pragmatic self tells her that that’s just a coincidence? But her other self shouts: IT’S FATE!

If you were to fall, will you fall for her? I mean, me?




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