When they call me non-believer.

Photo by Dhruv Weaver on Unsplash

I call myself the good and different Christian. I’m “good” in that I do believe, I do have faith. But I’m different simply because I possess a strong aversion for rites (e.g., priest raises the cup, drinks the wine, and so on). Rites. The way I’ve understood it, the repetition of rites was the preferred mode of reminding us why we celebrate the Mass. Over time, I stopped thinking that that worked. While it may still remind us about the events during His time, the repetition dulled our understanding of its meaning (i.e., our salvation). If I ask people why we must break the bread and eat it, what sort of answers will they give? Simply put, will they be able to give answers that bring about the rich context of our salvation?

Sorry about my tone. I sound bitter. It stems from being grossly misunderstood by people (who are close to me).

Perhaps, I am wrong. It’s not the rites that should take the blame. Maybe, it’s us. We got tired of finding the meaning behind each rite, each verse, each prayer.


2:57 PM


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