Book-quote: Stone of Tears

Author: Terry Goodkind 

“Life was not fair, it simply existed. If you accidentally stepped on a poison snake, you got bitten. Intentions were irrelevant.” (951, Stone of Tears)

This statement projected a truth that’s just hard to swallow. I was chasing after a dream, from a list of many. But as the race comes to an end, I found my hands empty. I have nothing. “Intentions were irrelevant.” I thought what I was doing was right. (Perhaps, not getting the desired results is not equals to wrong decisions, right?) Now, I’m hung up about this.

Life was not fair, it simply existed.” This line expresses Richard’s acceptance of the decisions he made and its consequences. Geez, how about me?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“…do not call arrogance to your heart by believing that all that happened was your doing.” (978, Stone of Tears)

Meritocracy. That when I work hard, good things will come. Will always come. It’s the kind of logic that has kept me in the wheel, pumping good work, hard work. It’s a believable concept; everyone buys it, including me. Denna’s words to Richard could help me remind myself that it is not so. It wasn’t ALL up to me; there are other factors. Like a good economy. Or a friend who’s out to give a good word for me. And there are others I may never know which or who or what. Mystery beats meritocracy.


My Top 4 Favorites

  1. Adie’s life story. It broke my heart.
  2. Sister Margaret. Too bad, the courage of her spirit didn’t match her powers (I really hate what happened to this character).
  3. Prindin, Jedidah. To an observer, betrayal sucks… to the victim, it stings.
  4. Sisters of the Light vs. Sisters of the Dark. Them and the concept of serving for the Creator or the Keeper is familiar…

Reader’s Tip: Don’t Speed-read

I try not to speed-read through the chapters. I take cues on taking pauses from the emotional drama I experience when a character dies, loses a loved one, is betrayed… In other words, I read and grieve. I try to be generous with myself, allowing time to “grieve” over the loss and deaths. It sounds odd when I say that that’s how I “enjoy” this novel but reading this piece is an immersion… one that had me crumbling in fetal position, silently protesting “noooooo!”



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