3:30 AM


The world spins at the speed of a lifetime. Lines appear in your face as sure as those that have long been written at the palm of your hands. Lines that come with beeping sounds tell you that you are born, you live, suffer, die. By a span of calendar years, you’ll be picking through these lives the way you pull at your soles when curling like a fetus isn’t enough. As a lone soul looking for the “other,” you’ll learn how to throw the right lines — to woo. As a lover struggling to keep what was lost, you’ll learn to deliver rehearsed lines — lies. And at times when you just can’t discard your self’s destructive layers, you will likely be living multiple lives in a single lifetime. That’s how we learn that humans can rival cats with their nine lives.

But the world will always spin, nine lives or none. It will speed the way it always does, making lines criscross against the darkness, at the glee of a wide-eyed wonderer.


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