Nine-fifteen AM

I can never trust a guy who holds his balls while sitting his lanky style on a jeepney — just as I cannot trust the driver to have cleaned his hands since minutes ago, he used them to stick a penis on the dry wall and relieve himself. And now, he uses the same hands to take our fare and dole out our change.

Perhaps, I got trust-issues but we know this is not the case all the time. Take for instance my almost-misadventure after embarking the jeepney trip with the guy who touches his crotch and the driver who never cleans his hands after pee-time. I have crossed the busy lanes of Asilo. Because I was running late, I just couldn’t pause to take out my pa’s military cap from my lime bag. In metro-busy fashion, I took it out while walking which as you can imagine will naturally merit clumsy incidents. While zipping open the bag and taking out the cap was successful, I also managed to drop my coin purse. I was almost two strides away (cause yeah, I didn’t notice it falling) when a female passenger from a light-stopped jeepney called my attention: “pitaka!”

I woke up from my trance, backtracked, and picked it up. I managed a “thank you” before resuming my brisk walking because the whole effing thing was embarrassing. Things like this happen. One is too occupied to notice that something is amiss. And while I can never trust a guy-passenger who loves to touch his balls, or a driver who sticks a penis on a wall and NOT clean his hands, I can always rely on crazy incidents and conscientious strangers to do the trick.

*pitaka = Filipino word for “wallet”


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