why we dig audition performances?


Televised competitions like American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The Sing Off — all of these programs show us the different faces of the hopeful. Some are first-timers; some have already bagged several attempts, wins, and losses. Among these performances, there will be those that we find epic — so epic that the semi-final or final performance pales in comparison.

Because audition performances reflect the dreamer in us?

Dreams. That’s what we all have in common. For most talents, getting into stage, facing the judges, the studio audience (and later, the viewers) is a step closer to that dream. Seeing real people chase their dreams to perform live, to sing or dance for a wide audience, to “wow” and touch a receptive (but skeptic) audience makes us feel giddy inside.

The audition performances also highlight the set of values that make the dreamer’s dream come true — say, courage or persistence. We can go as far as claiming that these televised encounters serve to remind us about our personal dreams — and when we’re reminded, some internal magic occurs.

Because audition performances are charged with challenges?

When you’re out there, whether as a group, duo, or solo, you’ll be facing a tough crowd, a set of critical judges, and almighty viewers. The presence of all these figures almost always mirror the villains in your favorite series, the naysayers in your office or school, or wherever you are. Together, they make up the fiery ball of pressure — to choke the aspiring singer, to stiffen the serious dancer, to create an irregular rhythm for the practice-bug performer. And when the moment these dreamers break the silence, claw out from that ball of pressure, and slay everyone with their amazing performances — BOOM!

The sigh of relief dissipates. As viewers, we can’t help but praise and tweet and post and share (see, we’re almighty?).

Audition performances are modern fairy tales.

In audition performances, we see our modern prince, princess, knights, or wizards. In our lives’ twisted plot line, we viewers — together with the judges and studio audience — start as villains. As villains, we shape the expectations and pressure that plunge the poor participant into the abyss of doubt, rejection, and humiliation. Yet, as imaginative creatures, the contestants manage to repel our skeptic invention.

We see their dreams unfold to become reality.

We watch them conquer.

And when the light of their talents continue to burn in us (they call this “inspiration”), who knows? We could be next. 🙂


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