Travelling asleep


You will never know how special something is until you write it. So…


I’m writing about our travel time. Cebu city to province. We’re on the road around 9 PM on a dark-green pick-up. Guess where we’re sitting now? Outside — where the wind whips your identity off your face, where the giggle and chitchat is readily drowned by the sound of this vehicle’s engine. Our party consisted of my sisters and two cousins.


Hours of sitting and munching junk food went for eons of seconds. We’ve passed through the South Road Properties (SRP) route. My muscles began to ache. Not even the beauty of the stars and the city lights from behind could stop me from falling into sleep. The engine’s hum started a lullaby that I couldn’t resist. My companions feel pity and scorn for me. With a malong wrapped around me, I crumpled myself into a fetal position.



Right after posting this, I noticed the “juxtaposition” of the images that show daylight, and the text that highlights travel at night. Oh, well… 😉


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