vomiting nostalgia and graduate study


A view from outside our classroom…

The first chapter of my grad study is nearing the last page. Soon, I’d be taking up a rigorous comprehensive exam – a test that will help me determine my readiness to proceed with the research and defense.

Time certainly flies fast. I could still remember my first semester, tugging no such confidence, only this deep instinct. I wasn’t like most of my peers. I was pursuing literature; yet my undegraduate study was tuned for business administration. I was different. I knew it and I didn’t care.

Because all I really wanted was to go back in school. The academic institution have long been my home. Back at school, I figured that if I messed up, I could always go back and try again. The outside world is different, though: if I scew up, I will suffer and that “suffering” is long-term in nature. …IMG_20150214_115408

I’ve come across the most amazing people I could imagine – teachers! 🙂

It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people – whose job is to make a difference in the lives of our youth. When I hear them talk about their pupils or students’ response on a certain genre,  I can’t help but experience awe. Their anecdotes are raw, freshly taken out of those classrooms.

Teachers do more than just teach. They themselves serve to stir influence. And when I see the calibre of teachers that we have, and experience the conmitment they possess, I’m most certain to believe Rizal’s words: ‘that the Filipino youth is our hope’.



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