Floral fetish

my latest loot ;)
my latest loot 😉

My love of flowers is unconditional.

Putting them on vases, acquired glasses or bottles, is another.


Ahhh, hydrangeas. Who would’ve thought I could ever buy or locate a bunch? First off, they’re not common or endemic here in Cebu. Second, my imagination did fell short in terms of realizing the bizarre range of floral fare found in our local haven (in front of San Jose-Recoletos).

Isn't she a beauty?
Isn’t she a beauty?

Glad to found the gladiolus! They’re just rad, especially when they come in bulk and various colors.

red n' white
red n’ white

The red gerbera peeking out of some unfamiliar wrap…

1908058_10204560197874841_8886789078272697080_n 10600404_10204560190794664_2502491475215398201_n

Not sure what specific mums these are, but they’re just as pretty. The glass wine was somebody else’s unwanted piece. (yes, pinky swear 🙂 )

window fiend
window fiend

Probably, related to bananas? Or lantanas?

10155399_10203642738218923_6014136792691998562_n 10268508_10203642736298875_7729513000405041235_n

More mums won’t ever hurt 😉

1979674_10203533605730679_1711979637_n 10003970_10203533606410696_1061666055_n

Roses are … pink and yellow! I rarely buy these because they’re the sort that won’t last a week. The tip I got was to buy those whose buds are still a little bit closed. But really, it’s not easy to resist these blooms!

1653420_10203238760039721_1458795893_n 1901197_10203238759359704_359889062_n

The queerer, always the better! Plus: the famous liquor bottle looks fab on it. (no, I don’t mean otherwise!)

1625589_10203238746679387_1145631406_n 1920353_10203238745759364_964547630_n

A shock of yellow surprise ;D


Oh save me, I love me some mums!

1477744_10202826841262009_582069462_n 1507625_10202826840181982_45616601_n

Ahh…redundancy! Poignant yellow redundancy!


Because I don’t have the heart to throw away the small ones… ;(

And some bonus ensembles:

16689_10204703349973554_6496858024256849266_n 1489244_10202826845342111_603010237_n 1535495_10202997824416481_810704884_n 10383897_10205637717492158_4206144986416249838_n 10514550_10204703350453566_1577355453751135207_n

There, there. Take a feast of my floral fetish.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”


My hero isn’t exactly corporeal.  For starters, my hero is a lot — they’re the fictional characters in my favorite books. They’re figures who emerged to save me from my rotting, boring mortal life (hehe).

There’s Kate Collison of The Demon Lover, an aspiring artist in an era where woman-artists are unheard of.  Alexandra in A Light-hearted Look at Murder is that awkward adult; she’s no different from me, our struggles are very much the same. And how about Alma Whittaker, ever curious, ever insatiable!

And then let’s not forget: Lisbeth Salander, blessed with so many titles (pun intended) — The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

So many heroines!  They inspire, they do, they think in the noisy, cranky world.

Yes, they are my heroines!


Dreams, lately


Dreams, lately, consist of reality. A fulfilling job; going back to school; being busy and alive enough to feel the surroundings and turn my self-absorption into someone’s better day.

I saw this old guy, busily selling his maps. Out in the heated pavement, equip with a simple polo clothing, pants and sunglass, the maps were lightly tossed in the air for a prospective buyer to catch. Fifty pesos could buy him his next meal, his wife’s medicine… I don’t know because I’m merely speculating. Once, after bouts of reluctance, I bought a Chowking meal for him. When I went out the foodshop, he’s gone. Perhaps, he sought refuge into the shady parts of the Osmeña circle.

I was disappointed, but he isn’t the only old person in the area. On the opposite side of the block was this old woman, selling flowers.  I regularly buy flowers from her. That day, I took the Chowking meal to her after buying another bunch of white mums. She said ‘salamat kaayu’ (thank you very much) in that sing-song way (as if sung in glee). And like flash, I was on the street, crossing to hide again from the heat that may have nothing to do with the glaring sun in this city.

A few days after, I saw the map-toting oldie again. Determined not to lose my chance, I quickly re-emerged with a meal from KFC. I bought one map of Cebu, paid him and hand over the food. He sang the same sing-song thank-you notes to me.

A friend of mine once pointed out my affinity for old people. Back then, I was too shy to even admit that. My rearing has always brought upon me a tumultous balance — between ‘being soft’ and ‘being me.’  But things have changed. I have gone through things I have never imagined to have touch me or affect me.

I suppose it’s just time to let myself be me.

Be it soft or not. 😀