Picky? Not me ;D


I just don’t like eating eggplants.  I once tried them; they were itchy then.  Perhaps, it had worms or infestation of some sort.  I just couldn’t bring myself to nibble them.  My parents love to fry those smooth, violet plants and toss them to sink in the soy sauce.  Not me.

As a true-blood Pinoy, expect me to gobble “balut” with gusto.  I may slurp down the little chick (actually, it’s a baby duck); put salt and spiced vinegar on it, as well.   But I sure as hell am ready to put it all down as it is believed to make one’s knees stronger.  Old folks also take it to boost their, ehrm… okay, it’s also an aphrodisiac.


If I fail to catch the balut-vendor on time, I’d probably be picking it with “penoy” — balut’s dry (no soup) cousin! 😀  Eating this street food always reminds me of a particular college friend.  You see, she’s quite the picky kind.  When I took her to a nearby penoy kart for a treat, she turned it down, claiming that it could affect her throat (she’s a choir member, okay?).  Using what little persuasive powers I had, she reluctantly tried it.


😀 Telling you she loved it is a mere understatement.  Whenever she got extra coins to spare, she’d take me to the same street.  Eating this comfort food makes me happy; but munching it with a friend, one whom I’d successfully converted into one voracious penoy-eater, made both heart and tummy gay.

Now, what makes me extra, extra happy is the chance to not just feast on my local street treats, but also feast on Singapore’s finest foodies!

Those were our recent food-loot from the nearby Whampoa Makan Place & Market.


These, my friends, is the Bak Kuh Teh. Since our place was nearest the Orchid Hotel, we had had our share of this meaty, soupy goodness round the Founder Bak Kuh Teh.  The soup was so good, the combination of spice and heat made the top of my nose sweat. ;D  Being famed for its yumminess, you ought to bring both purse and patience (because queuing is inevitable).


This one is my grand-slam favorite: meet SG’s Chicken Rice.  You can ask for white or roasted chicken.  Pour that orange-y sauce for the kicking heat and take your regular Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage) and cucumber on the side.

Hey!  How about you?  What are your food-raves?



6 thoughts on “Picky? Not me ;D

  1. Do they still have the outdoor Sunday food market in Singapore? Can’t remember individual dishes, but I’m sure satay (saté?) was involved! I just remember being addicted to the food. But this was 45 years ago..can’t believe it! Judy

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  2. Wish I could join you, you make it so tempting! Unfortunately, I suffer from celiac and though I am not a vegetarian, I take only fish (rarely), chicken and mutton (sometimes). I eat eggplants,though they are not a favorite.

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