The Word Processor

Its soul knows one sound: tap, tap, tap.  (Okay, that’s three.)

Its soul knows when the human is certain: she types so fast, sometimes, too fast that backpedaling with Backspace becomes necessary.  And it sure knows how to read my apprehension or frustration: words will whiz, then receive a blue highlight, only to be dismissed with more Backspace.

The word processor’s soul realizes that while the human types and thinks, the human discovers something.  Truth is unveiled, lies are stirred — but the word processor knows that the human is entirely innocent. (She’s naive, even.)

But why does it put up with the human’s irresolute nature?  Because they work as a tandem.  Together, they make good art; if not, at least, she tries.  And she tries and tries.  The tapping wounds on, the spaces and letters are formed, yet until the human “knows,” the tapping never stops.

Okay, she does stop (consider the irregular posts, hmmm??).  And everybody else will do their tapping.  They make so much good art and post it for everyone to see, read, and appreciate.  They make readers and other bloggers think.  Their constant activity makes for a haunting — a haunting that echoes to the soul of this silent machine.

The human strains to listen.  And is, therefore, back again. 😀


Soulful Machines


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