The merlion’s hidden emerald

There are a myriad of ways to spend one’s afternoon.  In my case, it could have been consumed with office work, a cup of coffee or tea, or siesta.  But in Singapore, where the merlion’s city is teeming with parks and untouched vegetation, we chose to bask in the humid shriek of critters and crisped leaves.  Beneath our feet, a horizon of soil has been sheltering a bunch of flora and fauna that ranges from the nut-loving squirrel, to the tropical palms.

We were not alone in our quest for amusing greens. As we enter and manouver our way, dozens and dozens of tourists were plodding along.  Good thing the place was vast, giving no space for crowds or crazy queues.  Armed with a camera-phone, I took to snapping our source of amusement.  Some plants are familiar, which means we have it in our country, too.  We saw ferns that were gigantic and thriving as a band of wind-swaying fans.  There were dead logs that ran good contrast to sprightly bushes and trees.

The Botanical Gardens isn’t just great for educational trips. Benches were practically set under a canopy of shades and within respectabe distance to each other — such a haven for those who want to read in peace or just chill!

Our afternoon left us itching to peel off our shirts, as the temperature is quick to transform one’s out-of-shower freshness into instant stinkiness. Other than that, we sure had fun.  Memories about plant-names came in a playful mix with our personal stories. And I could just tell: nature was eavesdropping. 😉


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