An Ode to It

The door is my thunder

It booms

and it claps

Perhaps, the Zeuses

of the door

like thunder

that much.


Behind the verses:

As a writer, my employer understands my need for a relatively quiet space.  The silent mode makes for a blank canvass to which I could rub my fingers against keys and meet the set word quota.

It was as it is – until the other room’s door started to slam repeatedly.  Some people went out; the rest went in.  And yet, on and on the door-slamming went.  This uncharacteristic behavior on my peers’ part inspired the creation of such a crisp verse.



2 thoughts on “An Ode to It

  1. Is this what I think it is. Reality, I love being real, knowing people that are real, but most if all I like proving Im real. Im a real mom who wasnt going to let real assholes, try and tell me who I am or what I should be.
    I think I proved my point. 😉

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