Stuck with book-scents

There is incredible comfort in taking in the scent of books.

Uh-oh.  Nerd alert!

But really: one can never take that brief moment from readers and book-lovers, at large.  Newly printed books, for instance, makes for that fresh papery scent.  Sometimes, the strong trail of ink would follow suit.  I don’t know with you, but if left unattended, I tend to smile wide over the headiness these scents bring!

And there’s also that old, powdery odor — closely linked to almost-crumbling books. Apparently, putting this type of book-scent in text reminds me of the strongest old-ish-scented book I have encountered: a hardbound copy from the library, John Grisham’s The Testament.

The scent of that hardbound copy had been too pungent that I have to set a distance between the book and I.  But Grisham’s work was just as it is – engaging, witty, crazy at the seams.  Despite my olfactory issues, I was able to finish and enjoy it. 😉

My latest loot from the thrift-book section of the department store had the same unnerving scent, but lighter in comparison to Grisham’s book.  It was Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule.

“Richard imagined his sense of self, his dignity, as a living thing, saw it in his mind.  He imagined a room.  A room that was impervious to anything, to any harm.  He put his dignity, his self-respect, into that room, and locked the door.  No one would have a key to that door. …. He would do what he had to, and someday he would unlock the door, and be himself again, even if it was only in death.”  Richard Cypher on page 646

Hmm…  Have you tried that?  Keeping something hidden (even from yourself) to achieve a purpose?  Apart from comforting scents, books give me questions like this.


Way to go, book-lover. 😀



4 thoughts on “Stuck with book-scents

  1. Bravo! I too miss the scent of a new hard bound book or the familiar scents of older classics contained in public libraries. Today it is a bit challenging and difficult to enjoy the scent of the latest novel on your electronic reader (Kobo, KIndle…whatever.)

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