Winston Smith on p. 109 of 1984

“His soul writhed with boredom,

but for once he had no

impulse to shirk his evening

at the center.

At the sight of the words

‘I love you’

the desire to stay alive

had welled up in him, and

the taking of minor risks

suddenly seemed stupid.”


George Orwell


3 thoughts on “Winston Smith on p. 109 of 1984

  1. I’m starting this book at the end of the month. I’ve always been put off by it’s dystopian nature (not my genre), but my son has to read it for school so I thought it’s time for me to bite the bullet. Love the quote.

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    1. Reading dystopian stuff is like waking up in a world that paid no respect on existence. I got my fill of philosophical warfare through this book. Hope you’d enjoy the looming reading experience pass the dreadful ambiance common in this genre! 😀


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