Three… ♪♫

Significant.  Songs.  Hmmm…

The Glitch Mob’s Red Dress.  Not really a song, much like a remix – but a song, nevertheless (let’s not argue).
Love it because it’s spontaneous and patterned at the same time.  Works well as a background music while in writing, and does spill a tinge of badassery into whatever environment I’m in.
EXO’s Mama.  It’s K-pop stuff, okay.  It’s melodramatic – an attribute which I find really attractive among any other song or music genre.  I love me some K-pop stuff, but nothing scooped me tight and cozy like this one did.  In general, there’s something comforting about listening to songs whose lyrics you could hardly understand.  Perhaps, it’s like an abstract painting: you can never truly exhaust its meaning because a lot has been withdrawn in the first place.
Evanescence’s Together Again.  What is it about melancholic-with-a-dark-tinge songs?  I really don’t know: but I love them, and this one is my absolute favourite.  It’s instrumentals is enough to suck you out of your mundane world, into the vast darkness where beauty lays in secret.  Ooopps…
A song-exposé inspired by The Daily Prompt.

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