Could zombies smell people?

“Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?” The Daily Post

Wine is said to get better with time.  The same thing could apply with memories.

Our memory-catcher has a tough job to do.  It collects several details – from events that shake our very core, to experiences that assault our senses.  And in the haze of collection, this catcher do play favorites.  The emerging “winner” has to be those memories that were tested by time.

These memories won among the rest of the good ones, simply because they could still evoke the same old feeling.  My own share of such memories include these:

  • Funny conversation with young sibling.  We were huddling in the sofa, watching TV.  Noiselessly, and with a tinge of soberiety, she asked me if zombies could smell people?  Trying hard not to laugh, I replied: “But I haven’t met one? (How was I supposed to know?)”
  • Someone special sauntered near.  Ohh.. the giggles I have to keep in secret ^-^
  • A positive critique for my poem.  The panelists in this writing workshop said they enjoyed my verse.  Uhmm…  I don’t get a lot of comment about my poems, so something as great as the verb, ‘enjoy,’ could make me burst straight to cloud nine!

How about you?  Which memories are better?



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